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Best public schools in the US

Hey everyone, just found this on newsweek. You may find this interesting, they have a ranking of best public schools in US. Of course, it changes from year to year… http://www.newsweek.com/highschools/?s=ga  ... (Continue reading)

Get a Mac: Vista’s Sad song

This is the latest Apple ad: “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” , where PC is all blue because Vista is Glitchy and everybody is leaving for Mac. The end is my favorite part! Enjoy.Vista\’s Sad Song... (Continue reading)

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Schools out for summer soon….Some ideas

hey guys, school is out here next week. So summer camps can cost a pretty penny and sometimes overschedule the kids. I loved the lazy summer breaks I had as a kid, and love to keep the kids home as... (Continue reading)

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Happy Mothers Day!

To everyone!... (Continue reading)

Mother’s day gifts

Hey Bloggermoms…Mother day is coming soon -May 11th.. Here are some choices for gifts that you would like to give /get. Flowers – from 1-800-flowers Perfumes handbags Diamond jewlery–( I would like to get one ..Hubby-Please take note if you... (Continue reading)

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5 de Mayo… More Salsa con Regeaton…

This is a new song from a new grup called NG2. I love this song.. so Happy 5 de Mayo!!... (Continue reading)

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Winfried, how about some Salsa today?... (Continue reading)

Disneyworld part 2 – Packing and Magic Kingdom

So as I said, I wanted to continue all about what I learnt at my time in Disney world about visiting the parks with a two year old or a toddler. Now, before I left, I thought that I would... (Continue reading)

Approximately, 2% of the adult population

Much information is available regarding the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. We will also discuss in greater detail the symptoms of fibromyalgia in women and the symptoms of fibromyalgia in men. Both are fascinating topics to research and try to... (Continue reading)

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Five surprising things I missed about US in India

I missed being able to drive fast, and have the cars moving. I know! I live in Atlanta, but still, this was an issue. Delhi just has too many cars now, and the roads, though improving have not caught up... (Continue reading)

3 Organic face masks

Hey bloggermoms..I saw this on msn and thought I would share this with you all !!!! I knew lemon and honey mix is good. I havent tried avacado yet. Happy masking!!! 1. Mix cream cheese and Lemon juice. Apply it... (Continue reading)

Mom lessons – Where does our food come from


Just wanted to continue the ‘Mom lesson’ series. On activities moms can do with their children at home or after work which equals what preschools can do. And I was thinking this is a good one – following the path... (Continue reading)

April Fools Day Ideas

So big day tomorrow – have you something planned? I love April Fools day mainly because hubby and family almost always forget and fall into my pranks! Here are some from over the years – do let me know if... (Continue reading)

Five more tips for the picky-eater’s mum

From emails and comments, here are some more tips: Dont force a child, ever. This may set back the child for weks or months. Forcing can take many forms, and not neccessarily pushing the food down their throats. It can... (Continue reading)

The girls I knew long ago

Here in the US, there are just not enough people from my school in my city to have proper reunions. One or two friends, to meet and chat and thats about it. But while I was headed to Kolkata this... (Continue reading)

India: soy diferente

 I love this salsa singer! Her name is India or “La India”, and she is one of my favorites. I hope you like her! ... (Continue reading)

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The mystery of Mister Picky Eater

Are you one of those mums I see in restaurants and parties whose toddlers wolf down avocadoes and baked fish and tomatoes and thai tofu curry and ask for seconds? The ones you can serve a plateful of adult food... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – Calcutta once more

So I have not been to Calcutta for 7 years. 7 years away from the city marked as my hometown on my passport. And many more years since I have actually lived there. I moved away when I was maybe... (Continue reading)

Nanny or daycare????

Recently one of my new coworker who is going to have a baby in 1 month asked me this question.”What do you think?Should we have a nanny or a send the baby to daycare?? The question took me 2 years... (Continue reading)

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Potty training time for kids!!!!

Anyone having potty training trouble? Luckily both of my kids were really good.My son learned it 3 weeks. My baby girl was much faster.She learned it in 2 weeks. Last weekend, at a party, my friend was explaining to me... (Continue reading)

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