Understanding the Power of Stem Cells

Stem cells are the building blocks of organs, tissues and blood and have the ability to develop into different cell types in the body.

Stem cells provide the cellular fuel we need for sustained living by continually replacing older cells as they naturally age and die. In other words, they replace cells that are lost through normal wear and tear, injury, or disease.

Throughout life, our stem cells act as an “internal repair system.”

Cord Blood Stem Cells

Cord blood is the blood that resides in a baby’s umbilical cord after the baby has been delivered and the cord has been clamped and cut.

Cord blood contains stem cells known as “mother cells”. Mother cells can become like tissue and other organ cells, to help repair a condition permanently. And cord blood stem cells, like bone marrow stem cells, are free of political and ethical debate.

Stem cells from cord blood are used to effectively treat nearly 80 life-threatening diseases today and have been used in nearly 13,000 transplants. The diseases treatable today include a wide range of cancers, genetic dise


ase immune system deficiencies, and blood disorders.

Looking ahead, cord blood stem cells have many other potential applications in regenerative medicine. Excitement is growing as the number of cord blood stem cell therapies increases.

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