Valentines Day – What did you do?

I had pink heart shaped cookies with all my valentines, including the kids, and then a romantic drink with hubby when they were asleep. Maybe a nice dinner this weekend.

What did you do?

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    Alone in India without the hubby, I watched 50 first dates on TV.

  2. Priya

    We will be going out for a valentine dinner on Sat..Didnt want to go yesterday and wait in line..Got a 1 rose..I am waiting for my gift 🙂

  3. winfried

    I took the wife to dinner and the to the mall to her favorite store Williams-Sonoma and I told her she could buy anything she wanted! :0)

  4. zeenia

    Got a spa sydell gift certificate from hubby. Took my children out to chucky cheese. Made special dinner for the gang and crashed out in bed:)

  5. Dora

    Zeenia, must say a unique valentines day, but Spa Sydell..mmmmmm. Sounds great. Winfried, I am going to tell hubby about yours 😉 Seriously, thats nice of you. Khushi, Drew Barrymore is fun when you are alone, and the movie is romantic. Priya, have fun this weekend!!

  6. winfried

    Hi Dora, Thts is why im happily married for 20 years hehehehe

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