Vikram aur Betaal

 vikram aur betaal tv serialBefore the days of the cable and internet came, entertainment was more or less limited to T.V.  In my childhood days, one of the serials I loved watching, (it used to be aired on Sunday evenings) was Vikram aur Betaal. It was both entertaining as well as educative. Didi and I would finish all our homework to make sure we could watch this serial along with our grandfather. The series was about a righteous king, Vikram who goes in search of a ghost, Betaal. Each time he succeeds in trapping him but has to listen to a story on his way back. There is also an impending condition set by Betaal that he would accompany Vikram as long as he kept his vow of silence, never uttering a word. These were simple stories which contained a moral, and a question at the end posed by Betaal to Vikram. Betaal also warned the king that if he knew the answer and failed to answer it, he (Betaal) would have his head. The cunning Betaal knew that the king was too clever not to know the answer, and each time Vikram fell for the trap followed by the inevitable …tu bola aur main chala…voooooo. We would wait the whole week to watch the next episode. Watching TV was great fun those days.

 A month back, Star Utsav started rerunning the serials once again. My son and I make it a point to watch them. Not that he can understand and assimilate the pearls of wisdom in the stories, but it surely excites his imagination and evokes his curiosity. For me, it is a great feeling to share a glimpse of my childhood with my precious angel. He finds the betaal amusing with his white long hair and buckteeth, and every banyan tree in the neighborhood have been renamed as the ‘betaal tree.’


My son loves listening /reading stories, one of the main highlights of his bed time ritual. But since its vacation time, story telling can be anytime, anywhere. Day before the moment hubby stepped in, my son said, “Papa let’s play Vikram Betaal. I am Vikram and you are Betaal. Now tell me a story.”

When the story telling session finished, my son sweetly suggested, “But Papa, how can I carry you on my back. Let’s do role reversal.”


For the rest of the evening, he remained on daddy’s shoulders. Every time we told him to come down, he said “How can I? Mom, I am Betaal. Voooooooooo and Papa is Vikram.”















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  1. Khushi

    Oh my God. This brings back memories. I can still see the guy (Betaal’s) face and the scene where he is riding on the king. And some stories, like which raj kumari was most ‘komal’ 🙂 What a cool idea to post this!

  2. Pry

    so Cute…I used to love that serial too..Some weeks back , I got Vikram and Betal Amar chithra katha and loved reading the stories in it…

  3. Tana

    What an endearing moment for your son to share with his father … and for you to be able to share your childhood (and our culture) with him!

  4. Khushi

    I actually remember Tana singing Vikram and Betaal – in her classically trained voice it used to turn out pretty good. Do you remember? Indrani, thanks again for such a nice post.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanka a lot for all your comments. Khush, I too remember the ‘Komal’ story. In fact watching Vikram aur Betaal is like reliving my childhood days.

  6. indrani

    Thanka a lot for all your comments. Khushi, I too remember the ‘Komal’ story. In fact watching Vikram aur Betaal is like reliving my childhood days.

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