Waiting for Godot, err…Green Card

I write on living in the US on H4, mostly. And as I was speaking to friends, it became clear, that the single biggest cloud looming over an H4 ers mind is the question – when will I get my green card. For so many immigrants, it means a ticket to freedom – to be able to travel freely, and work wherever you want. For some its a clean cleavage between lives before and after our green card. The insecurity, the mild feeling that you are not wanted in your adopted country, and the accentuated vulnerability to fate. Gone. Time to invest in a house, in 401k, in a baby even.  That strange feeling everytime layoffs are announced in your office or your spouses or you hear of companies downsizing or the US economy going down.

For some its more gradual – as time passes, you grow more confident, and when the green card comes, you feel you can do fine without it. So what if you have to pack and go? My green card took a long time, very long, a combination of luck, lawyers and delays. In the meanwhile friends and acquaintances got theirs in a year or two on some kind of a strange fast track. I moved from being insecure to being confident – I was almost defiant. Even if I dont get it, Ill go back and be just fine. I cant stay feeling insecure any more. So we bought a house, had baby, did not invest in 401k 🙂 . I quit my job without another on the horizon  to be at home. A strange liberation feeling after years of waiting. Even before the green card came.

PS – For those who regularly scour lawyer sites and immigration forums, the process is crystal clear. To me it wasnt, so I was very pleasantly surprised when the EAD arrived and the fact that you can start working anywhere before the green card. So maybe it should be waiting for EAD.

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  1. winfried


    I know the feeling, i came here with a Student visa, and was having trouble with money issues, so I applied for a permission to work and always came the same answer from the INS, “Denied”. So when I married my wife, which is a US Citizen, and we went to the INS office with the paper work they immediately stamped my password with “Work authoriazed” i felt like I won the lottery! That was back in 89′ I heard things are more difficult and more time consuming than back then! If the Republicans win again is gonna be even more difficult….

    Sometimes I think that we Immigrants, are the scapegoats of the Republicans failed policies…

  2. Amrita

    I agree with you, Winfried. I feel the same way. It is so funny but typical that you got completely denied once and next time it was easy.

  3. winfried

    Amrita, I wanted to ask you, What is Godot?

  4. Amrita

    Waiting for Godot is a play where all the characters wait for Godot who never comes. Here is the wikipedia link

  5. Smitha

    I was going to ask you the same question…thanks for the link

  6. This is way better than a brick & mortar esbtalshiment.

  7. This is a very nice blog… love the H4 section, probably because i’m going thru one for the past 4 years. studying, internship, volunteering… i’ve done it all, now I’m just waiting for the EAD card and taking it easy with my blog and tours.

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