Walruses and other stories

Anyone out there an expert on Walruses?

The babe has developed a sudden fascination for Walruses spurred by a book he read on a Walrus rescuing a baby polar bear from a trap. So now, very often during the day, he is a walrus.

Babe : ‘You are a mommy Walrus and I am a baby walrus’

Me: ‘Ok’

Babe :’ I am so small I can drink just one drop of milk’

Me : ‘O my itty bitty baby walrus!’

Babe: ‘ I am stuck in a trap’

Me :’ I am coming baby walrus’ . At this point I vigorously move my head pretending to open up a lock with my tusks

Babe: ‘Now I am free.Lets swim’.

Now, we had been planning a trip to India for months. But now that has fallen out of favor.

Babe ‘I want to go to the Artic Circle to see a Walrus, not India’

and then the eternal question

‘Why does walruses have tusks?’

Before having a baby, I never realized my knowledge of the world was so poor or the humbling fact that I have forgotten much of the biology I learnt.

What questions do you get asked?

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