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free-baby-clip-artIts been a long time since I last wrote about my baby. I think I even missed writing about his first birthday. The thing is, my day is so full of his little antics and mega cuteness that when I reach my computer, I want a break from it all. But today I have to write this.

They say babies dont have much memory. That they dont remember much in the first year. But I disagree.

My mom arrived in town some time back. The last time she had seen my baby was when he was 6 months, a good six months before. But when he first saw my mom, his little face all lit up. He raised one hand high above his head, at a 45 degree angle. Pick me up he said.

Thats how it was all day. Next day. The weekend. No sooner would my mom come into the room, that he would drop all that he was doing and go to her. With his trademark gesture of lifting one hand up.

My mom was flattered, and I was thrilled that he was showing none of the separation anxiety, at least with my mom. This meant I could do things with just one son for a change.

But the cutest part was at night. He had been sleeping a while when I suddenly saw him raise his hands, ready to go to his didu. He was even dreaming of her… I thought.. and was thrilled at finding this out about his dreams.

So babies dream and babies have memories.

Do you agree?

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