What candidate is going to be better for us?

7591251.jpgHi Guys, we as immigrants, who do you think is going to be better for us? Hillary or Obama? . The Republicans? Or  any combination:  Hillary – Obama, Obama – Hillary, or any combination of the beloved Republicans? Whay do ya think?    

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  1. Smitha

    I am rooting for Clinton just because she is a woman.

  2. winfried


    So if Hillary was a Republican, with an anti-immigrant stand would you still vote for her because she is a woman?

  3. Decatur Hillybilly

    I am all for Hillary. Obama needed Oprah to become a frontrunner.

    I am not even looking at the republicans

  4. Khushi Mommy

    Oh, so looks like you are only getting Hillary comments since I am a Hillary supporter too. I was undecided till I saw CNN’s coverage of her. It is so biased to Obama! When working I have faced the same kind of biases towards women so I support Hillary. Anyway, I would not have gone for her woman or man had she been a republican or had an anti immi stand or if she had not given a wonderful speech in India when I was there.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Hillbilly, so if Obama needed Oprah, then Hillary needs Bill to be in the running too. What about Obama as her VP? I think she needs Obama more than Obama needs her. I think no matter the combination is gonna be good for us immigrants.

    On the Republican side I think Mccain is a decent guy, but the Republican party is not.

    Take care!!

  6. Decatur Hillybilly

    I like Obama as her VP, anonymous. You are right about Hill needing Bill but off late Bill has been shooting his mouth off.

  7. winfried

    Hi Kushi,

    Since I read, your post I have to say I agree with you! I like Obama a lot but CNN and other Networks run or influenced my Billionair Murdoch have given Obama a great push. On the right Fox news push their Republican candidates and “Bad mouth” Hillary all the Time. Looks like Fox hates that a woman can “Outsmart” them and have more cojones than them.

    I like Obama better, but I would not be upset if Hillary wins.

    Hillary is (1,000,000)**1000 times better than all Republican candidates! :0)

  8. Smitha

    Winfried, I am not interested in any republicans.. If Hilary was republican, I wouldnt vote for her.

  9. Priya

    I like Obama.I like his personality, his view of policy..I am a citizen now so I can vote this year.:-)

  10. winfried

    I like Obama too. I really hope he wins, and he did pretty good yesterday and I think tuesday he’ll do good too!

  11. winfried

    Smitha, I agree with you I would not vote for her if she was a Republican either. But right now im rooting for Obama!

    Priya, Im so glad you became a citizen! Register to vote as soon as possible. Only by voting these politicians will hear us!

  12. Khushi Mommy

    Ya, Obama did very well…lets see how it shapes up. Do you guys think Hillary will take a VP ticket?

  13. winfried


    I’ll doubt it. She is there to win and she is lobbing hard the “super delegates” to vote for her. If she takes the vp position and Obama becomes a popular president and wins a second term, then she has to wait 8 years to run again and by that time she’ll be 68 years old, Today is very important for her and for Obama. its gonna be very interesting watching the results this evenning.

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