What I got when I was scared of driving accidentally into a ditch or pond or lake

minivan safetyDo you remember there was a big bridge collapse a few years back and there were stories of cars and vans driving into the water and people and kids unable to get out? I am somehow terrified of that scenario. I began to have nightmares about not being able to undo the car seat buckles for the kids which are hard on a good day etc etc – i know I am paranoid. So to reassure myself somewhat I bought this device called a LifeHammer Emergency Hammer
. It is a hammer (to smash open windows) with a blade to cut seatbelts. And you can keep in in your card or attach it to your dashboard (I like it in the glove compartment). I know its silly, but just wanted to share this with you all.

I bought it on Amazon, and here is the link: LifeHammer Emergency Hammer

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