What no one ever told me about weaning

 Today I went to a doc I have trusted my life and was told I was 18 lbs overweight. I had kid of suspected it, specially since I get a lot of ‘Congrats on being pregnant again’ based on my plumpness and protruding belly. But still it was hard to hear. And it took me back to where my weight gain really started.

 As I had mentioned before, I had been an accidental lactivist. But once I became one, I was quite passionate, and weaned my babe at only around 18 months, but that too under pressure from my job (too much travel and meetings) and the fact that babe only really took to eating solid food once I weaned! So I had had about a 35  lb weight gain in pregnancy.  At the babe’s first birthday, I had lost 39 lbs! So I was actually slimmer than before and enjoying dresses I hadn’t worn in ages. The babe being mobile, and me having to chase after him and nursing both helped me lose this weight. Without working out much at all, nursing my babe allowed me to still eat huge pregnancy portions. Eat cakes, and sweets, which I love, and spend an year free of any and all portion control. Even my lactation consultant had mentioned that this was a benefit of nursing.

I began noticing a lull  in my weight loss as I started cutting down on feedings. By the time I was down to two feedings, I saw a modest gain of 2 -4 lbs. I didnt really notice it, as it was just taking me back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which I had not had much problems with. But once I weaned, within three months I was up 10 more lbs, and this trend continued. I had always thought once the demands of feeding would reduce on my body, my hunger would reduce, but it stayed.

See I had never known that weaning could have this effect on me. I think the large portion size habit and the pamper your sweet tooth habit I had developed was so ingrained that I didnt even notice that that was creating problems. Plus, my job was hectic, and I missed being able to come home at the end of the day and nurse the babe. So here was the second thing I didnt know – that weaning would make me just a little depressed.

Its taken me a while to control portion size. That control I had developed – from years of watching what I eat was difficult to get back. I still feel very hungry after I eat my ‘correct portions’ where I never did feel before.  And my sweet tooth – well its a runaway now, and I lack the initiative to curb it.

I know, I know, its a willpower thing. But had I known all this before weaning, I would have started taming my hunger a few months before. And maybe not built up this habit of letting my hunget amok at all. I had never realized that the hunger would remain, once the weaning was done, and the feeding demands on the body were gone.

When I weaned the babe at 18 months, I read a lot about weaning but none had taled about the weight gain potential or the depression that can follow. So I thought I will put it out here on bloggermoms.

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  1. Dora

    This is a hard thing! But all the best on your weight loss.

  2. Khushi Mommy

    Thank you, Dora.

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