What would you do with $270 million?

Hey Bloggermoms…GA megalottery draw is today.Its worth $270 million..What would you guys do with it if you win? You will get only half of it due to the tax.So thats 135 million.

Here is my wishlist..
I would pay out our house, get a SUV, go on a vacation.Quit my Job..
I would give money to my parents my family relatives .The rest , I will invest …

Enter yours please…

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    Pay off house, like you. Save for college. Quit job. Buy a couple of swanky vac homes, give my parents and then give off the rest

  2. Lisa

    I will buy 135 million lottery tickets again.

  3. winfried

    First I change my name and move to Florida. Then i put it on a cd and life of the interest.

    Keep it simple.

  4. Priya

    $270 million is too much for me..If I want to hit the lottery I would like $20 million or less…otherwise its too much for me to handle.

  5. winfried

    its ok Priya, u take 20 mil, and u give me 250 mil, next time I’ll play lottery with u! :0)

    In my first post I’ll buy me a Hummer and a Lexus for my wife. I’ll give 2 mil each to my 2 daughters, I’ll also give some money to the Church and missioneries in Honduras and Guatemala.

    I’ll rescue some dogs from the pound and THEN ill put the money in a cd and just spend the interest.

  6. Priya

    lol..:-) Also I think I should win the lottery before I get too old…:-) before 60..

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