Whats in your purse?

My friend with a new baby lost her cell phone over lunch and had to empty her purse on the table. With permission, here is what she had – 

  • Wipes
  • Expired coupon from Babies r us
  • Clean bib
  • Bib with spit up crusted on it from two months back
  • Old pacifier (baby had been off pacifier for three months, and started wailing for it)
  • Gynaecologist appointment card from a year back
  • Credit cards and cash in a tiny purse (no room for bigger ones)
  • Spare diaper
  • Baby sunscreen
  • Expired lipstick
  • Pouch of cheerios
  • Old receipts
  • A strange toy, important only because it can fit in purse
  • More wipes in another packet
  • And finally, the cellphone!

I remember those days. Here’s to the trend for big purses!

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  1. Khushi

    I had a very similar purse, I must say. Now I would say – some goldfish in a snack box, a juice box and some crayons.

  2. Josie

    This reminds me of the cap one ad on whats in your wallet!

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