When do kids learn to read???

Hi Bloggermoms!!!I am back..My daughter was sick..She had a fever of 101 deg…Now She is doing good..I couldnt get to the computer last few days…So howz everybody doing??? How was April fool??My son had a blast saying funny things to fool us evey minute..He would say ” look here…look over there” We would look…(ofcourse!!!)..he would say “APRIL FOOL”.It was cute…We played along …..:-)

My son was an early talker.Since he was my first kid I would sit with him and go through the letters.He used to go to Montessori school where they taught him phonics and reading. I dont know if its the school, him or me but he started reading very good ( I would say first/second grade level) by 4.

The situation is entirely different for my second one. She was a late talker –started talking only after 2.She used to go to school till 2.Now she is at home since my parents are here. I hardly get time to sit with her as my first graders CRCT is coming up .Also some days he has lot of homework.I know she loves to learn as she brings some books over and asks me to read..Some days I would do it but some days I am really tired.She had learned all the capital letters from school and not the small letters.I didnt start her on it thinking she is small..

Last night as I was reading Robin cook book , she came over and read the small letters in front of the cover..I was SURPRISED and impressed..I asked her to read her some more small letter words to test her..She read all of them…My baby girl has learned to read small letters all by herself!!!!.I asked her where did she learn the letters from? She wouldnt say at first then she told me from SUPERWHY!!! Wow I didnt know that show was this good..Bloggermoms!! I am recommending that show to all the eager readers!!!!

Now that she learned small letters all by herself I feel that I should start her on phonics. Do you guys know any nice software/ toys that teach phonics? I have heard about hooked on phonics software..I didnt get it for my son but should I get it for her. She would be going to school in 2 months so I should wait…

One of my friend suggested making them start with memory words.The memory words being

Next go to the -an , -as,-at words
I had used this with my son and it had helped.

What toys or method did you use to make your kids read? When did you start??

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  1. winfried

    Wow that is really good Smitha. Im glad to see u again and that your daughter is doing fine too

    Take care!!!

  2. Smitha

    Thanks Winfried…Hopefully her quoto of getting sick this month may be over.

  3. Khushi Mommy

    That is a nice tip on memory words,

  4. Anonymous

    They all will learn eventually. My philosophy is let kids be kids.

  5. lydia

    I wanted to buy hooked on phonics too…somebody told me its good.

  6. Amrita

    I think flash cards – for smaller words may be good. Have not tried it though

  7. priyanka080305

    my kid started reading at 2…she could recogniz all alphabets

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