When in line….

So usually I write about mom lessons but todays post is about standing in line with kids. I have been doing this a lot lately and badly wanted your ideas and advice on things to do while waiting. These can work in many places such as pediatrician waiting rooms, post offices, drivers license renewal offices you name it.

Here are some things I tried :

  • Play I Spy – Point out something in your environment and ask the kids to look for it. Take turns for spotting and spying. This can be modified to colors (I see something Orange etc)
  • Rhyme words – Suggest a word and ask for a rhyme and vice versa. Say ‘red’ and play along even if you get back ‘xed’ . The point is to keep them occupied!
  • Guessing words with alphabets – lets name words with A. Now this works reverse. Its the mom who usually gets to guess the words in my family.
  • Story telling. Stories about post offices or your current location work for me.
  • Let them get their hands dirty if they are fiddling with things around the line which are not dangerous. Thats why I carry wipes.

And in desperation – hand out snacks or obscure purse contents. As you can tell, I need ideas….any suggestions? I have some more waiting due soon.

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  1. Anonymous

    How about counting? We jointly count all kinds of things – people in the line ahead etc. For places you can sit there are books to carry.

  2. yasmin talgeri

    Hey, nice list. I can use some of those.
    We also play- ‘Simon says’- touch your nose/ears/mouth etc.. count to 10 etc.
    Also, counting how many people have black shoes, open shoes etc.
    For older kids- 20 questions- think of a cartoon character and let them ask 20 questions to get to the answer.
    sometimes I take playdough/books/small toys with me in my purse, if we have to sit and wait.

  3. Dora

    Anonymous and Yasmin, thank you for your ideas. I like the counting. Simon says and 20 questions sounds interesting too. I ddid not think of playdough!

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