Working Mom Ideas – Tips for organizing mornings

working mom tipsLast week was a tough one for me. My husband was out of town and I had the kids and the house and my job all to myself. To complicate matters both the school and my office is far from my home and far from each other. So that added in a whole couple of hours of commute to what already was turning out to be a hectic schedule.

The first thing I realized was how grateful I was that the younger one was now 2. There are so many more things he can do now on his own say, that a year back. But beyond that, here are some things I used to make the days go more smoothly – do add your ideas!

  • Set up everything the night before. Lay out clothes for the kids  (I know I am supposed to make the kids do it, but I couldnt), even lay out the shoes ready to go, unstrapped
  • Load my laptop and parapharnelia into the car
  • Chop veggies and fruits for a few days and store in glass containers in the fridge, for easy access to pack snacks, lunch etc
  • Pack as much of the lunch the night before as possible, fill up the bottles
  • Have all the utensils ready for morning use

But it was still tough. Though I got up an hour before the kids, I spent half hour groggily doing random tasks before rushing through the rest of the time in panic.

Let me know your tips and thoughts!

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  1. Sophie

    Way to Go – Khushi! AM so proud of you. You are a winner. Just remember to trust yourself, appreciate yourself and be amazed at your ability to balance all the blessings & joys of motherhood with the pressure of the ticking clock. A tip I have about further reducing chaotic mornings – is that on the weekend One can make a list of ‘tiffin snacks + dinner menu’ for the entire week. Mark it for each day & fix it on the fridge door. Include your kids in the choices. Shop for the groceries accordingly on Sunday & don’t waste time thinking on the ‘groggy morning head’

  2. Yes, do as much as you can at night, including preparing your own clothes. There’s nothing like discovering that a button is missing as you’re about to leave the house or that one kid’s shoe or homework assignment is unfindable! Been there, done that. Your tips are excellent.

  3. Azmat

    I liked all the tips given by Khushi, but the problem is after the whole day’s work in office how much work can I do after coming back ? especially when the kid is too young to play on her own.

  4. Naveena

    Personally I would NOT do this – ◦Load my laptop and parapharnelia into the car. Coming from someone who had stuff stolen from their car which was parked in the garage at night. Better yet, leave it close to the door so that you can pick it up on your way out.

  5. indrani

    I’m so sorry Khushi to have missed this wonderful resourceful post from you. My husband is always traveling off late and its gets very tough with my son. Thumbs Up to you for being so organised.

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